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Pastor Death Stirs Outrage For Some

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) There was a packed house for the musical tribute to life of a murdered Chattanooga pastor.

But his brutal death has sparked more than just sadness. Some are calling for action.

The power of music may not heal all wounds.  But it was certainly a tool to soothe the souls of many mourning over the death of 55 year old David Strong Thursday at St. Paul AME Church.

James White says, "He was great man of God."

Strong, a pastor at St. Paul AME Church was found brutally murdered in his home early Sunday morning.  Police say he'd been beaten, stabbed and strangled.  Two cousins have been charged in his death,  25 year old Antonio Henry and 16 year old Brendan Barnes.

Hamilton county Commissioner Greg Beck didn't hide his outrage at today's regular meeting asking to address the commission.  He called for a movement for the good people in this county to make something happen to combat the violence that seems to be driving so many young people.

Beck said, " I don't know if there's more effort that can be put into by the courts, by the schools, but I'm certain there's more effort that can be put in by the parents."

As friends, and church family celebrated the life of pastor strong inside. we asked those outside about how they're coping with the manner of death and the fact that the pair accused of murdering him are two young men.

Sierra Bostick says, "I don't understand how, why someone of our age or age group could even think of that."

White says, "They're problems, kinda been at home, hopefully they'll get the love they need."

Belinda Faye Johnson says, "It's always been a problem with young people, it's outrageous."

But is there a way to turn it around?

Johnson adds, "It do take a village to raise a child, it ain't always at home."

Bo stick says, "Start young, instead of middle school, start elementary school because kinds in kindergarten know what it is to kill, kids know what it means to be in bloods or crips."

Pastor Strong's funeral is set for Monday morning in Memphis.

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