Another meth bust in McMinn County, but this time, just a few blocks away from a school yard. Parents and neighbors alike are saying this was too close for comfort. Three men arrested, and a neighborhood on high alert.

"It's deadly, it's deadly, even if they live it kills them," says an anonymous neighbor.

That neighbor, like others know how dangerous meth can be, they've seen it spread like wildfire in McMinn County.

In cases like Tuesday mornings bust it's too close to those trying to avoid the drug. Three men were arrested for cooking meth on County Road 500, less than .3 miles from McMinn Central high school.

A problem Central Principal Roger Freeman says can only be battled with early education.

"It does bother me, the main thing is we have to educate our kids," says Freeman.

That's exactly what Principal Freeman and his staff have been doing at Central.  They've installed several programs throughout the year to teach students the dangers of a drug that is almost impossible to quit.

The Sheriff's Department is doing the same, they're reinstating the D.A.R.E. program. Deputy Eric Allman says, it's all hands on board.

"If they're exposed to the effects of meth, the things it will do to the body, that's great, the will help them exercise a little more caution, and making decisions," added Allman.

Neighbors say the traffic coming and going from the now quarantine trailer was becoming all too suspicious. Deputy Allman says it's never wrong to be over cautious when dealing with meth, call the Sheriff's Department.

Allman says, "we get those calls often, we follow up on them as best we can, as often as we can."

Allman also told me that on a straight line, when measured, the trailer was within 1,000 feet of school property.

That means if convicted, they will have to serve the full sentence. They are also feeling very optimistic with the new D.A.R.E program.