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VW's Chattanooga car may also be built in China

WOLFSBURG, Germany (WRCB) -- According to a published report by Bloomberg, Volkswagen may build the new NMS in China in addition to the cars that will be rolling off the Chattanooga assembly line.

The car will be priced at about $20,000 and sold in the United States in the second half of 2011.

"We will see demand for this car growing in other countries, such as China," said Ulrich Hackenberg, head of Volkswagen's brand development told Bloomberg. "Our production pattern allows us to transfer vehicles from one plant to another at relatively low effort."

Europe's largest automaker plans to invest $8.33 billion in China for the expansion and to add models. VW sales in China jumped 41 percent to 1.3 million vehicles through August.

Any future car production in China will not have a negative impact on the Chattanooga plan.

Volkswagen's Vice President of Communication Jill Bratina told Channel 3 Eyewitness News, "Our Chattanooga plant is building vehicles for the North American market, so any China production won't impact Chattanooga."

Seeking to return U.S. operations to profit no later than 2013, VW is targeting 67,000 U.S. sales of the new mid-sized sedan next year, Jonathan Browning, VW's new U.S. chief, said at a conference in Wolfsburg. He said annual deliveries of the vehicle, whose name will be unveiled next year, may reach 150,000 from 2012.

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