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RiverRocks Festival comes to an end

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CHATTANOOGA (Times Free Press)-- The three members of the AscenDance Project, dressed in white and with sculpted bodies even Chattanooga's finest yogis would envy, drew oohs and aahs from thousands who came out to watch their climbing-dancing performance Saturday night at Coolidge Park.

The ethereal routines, done to contemporary music, were part of the closing ceremony to RiverRocks, a 10-day festival dedicated to promoting the outdoors and an active lifestyle, said event founder Mike McGauley.

"Overall, we couldn't be happier," McGauley said. "People are excited, they're out having fun and there are a lot of families here, and that's important to us."

Organizers say more than 25,000 people came to the festival, with an estimated 8,000 at the closing ceremony, McGauley said.

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