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Theresa Parker Friends and Family Say Good-bye

By Megan Boatwright

Channel 3 Eyewitness News Reporter

LAFAYETTE, GA.  (WRCB) --  It's been more than three years since Theresa Parker went missing.  Saturday her body was laid to rest.

Last month an Alabama farmer stumbled across Parker's remains.  Parker's husband, Sam Parker, a former LaFayette Police Officer is serving a life sentence for her death.

Saturday a police escort led a procession through downtown LaFayette as Theresa Parker was finally laid to rest.

It was a service and procession of honor.  The dramatic impact of Theresa Parker's story is plain to see.

"The community came together around the family over 3 years ago," says Jay Neal.  "They came around the family again today." 

It's a day the community has been waiting for since Parker first went missing.  Pastor and friend, Jay Neal, performed the Parker's funeral ceremony.

"It's fitting to bring everybody back together to celebrate someone who was loved as much as Theresa," Neal says. 

From the pulpit the pastor spoke of the legacy of love Parker leaves behind, and the lessons her story has taught about domestic violence.

"I think you'll see some rallying around the family to promote domestic violence awareness," Neal says.  "And hopefully protect someone else from the same situation Theresa found herself in." 

The word closure was used more than once throughout the day.  After the family delivers their loved one to her final resting place, they also say thank-you.

"This community never gave up on finding Theresa," says family member, Jon Wilson. 

Through a written statement, Parker's sister and brother-in-law express thanks those who helped search. 

"We want to thank all the land owners who searched their farms," Wilson says. 

They thank the farmer who finally found her, "his name will be in our hearts forever".   

Jon and Hilda Wilson's final words are to Theresa.  "Over the past few years we've prepared a place for you to visit us in our home," Jon Wilson says.  "Now I'm asking you to return the favor, and help the Lord prepare a place for us." 

Saturday's service was held at LaFayette First Baptist Church.  Theresa Parker's body was laid to rest at the LaFayette City Cemetery.

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