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Store Clerk Escapes Gunfire From Attempted Robbery

(CHATTANOOGA) WRCB - A market clerk survives an attempted robbery under gunfire and police say they want the gunman off the street before he strikes again.  They need your help identifying the suspect. 

The surveillance video shows a man who walks into the Eastside Market at the corner of 28th Street and Fourth Avenue, pulls out a 38 caliber pistol and fires.  At least one shot shows the flash from the gunfire.

Chattanooga Police Investigator Dale Taylor says, "He made several more demands and realized the clerk wasn't going to comply."

Detectives say the 69 year old clerk used a lottery ticket tower  to dodge the suspect.  That didn't stop the would be-thief from trying to fire the gun several more times.  From the video, it appears the gun locked up.

Taylor adds, " If the weapon had not malfunctioned, I believe we'd be dealing with a different scenario, much more tragic."

That's why detectives want this man off the street.  Take a good look at this face on the video. If you recognize him, or have heard anything about the crime.  Help stop this thug in his tracks.  Police say his next move could double in danger.

Taylor says, " If this individual is that brazen, to do this, he'll do it again and it could be anyone's family member behind that counter."

 Inv. Taylor says he would never advise someone to react the way this clerk did. He says if someone has a gun, give them what they want.  Don't risk your life over cash. 
      If you recognized the man with the gun. Call crime Stoppers, it's a confidential call. It could put up to 1000 bucks in your pocket.

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