(ROCK SPRING, GA) WRCB - Friends, family, and complete strangers gathered to remember Theresa Parker, the murdered Walker County 9-1-1 operator, Wednesday night.  We talked to her mother Claire.  She says she now knows Theresa is home.  She says she's grateful to know where Theresa is so she can visit and talk to her.

Sherry Lawson, a teenage friend of Theresa's says, ""She cared about everybody, she was loving , laughing if you were down, she's gonna bring you back up."

And perhaps in her own way, Theresa Parker is doing that once again, as the people who loved her most gather to remember her life and how it was cut short.

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson say, "I find it very fitting that Theresa worked here... 30 to 40 yards away from me here for so many years in the 9-1-1 building."

Her co-workers anchored inside the Walker County Civic Center, surrounding her family.  As they all shared stories, smiles and tears, snapshots of her life from childhood on revolved in the background.

Family Friend, TracyDill says, "There was laughter, stories about when they were younger, silly stuff everybody laughing about it."

Lawson adds, "Solemn, but upbeat, looking at pictures and memories and trying to forget what happened."

But no one can, it was just a couple of weeks ago a farmer found the remains of 41 year old Parker near the Chattooga River and just over a year ago that her soon to be ex-husband Sam Parker was convicted of murdering her.

Lawson says, "I think God, took the guy to her that found her I believe, it was mean to be."

Theresa's childhood friend Sherry Lawson isn't alone in that belief.  She's also not the only person here who feared her remains would never be found.

Sheriff Steve Wilson says, "I was, I was a doubting Thomas."

"I was shocked,  but glad because you say, you say closure, but that's overused, but I think it's good they can put her to rest."

Something Theresa Parker's family has been waiting a grueling 3 and half years to do.  Wednesday night her mother Claire Careathers says her girl is finally home.

Lawson adds, "She is home, her mother said, God needed an anger Theresa I need you here, it don't make me forget but it makes me feel better."

Visitation continues Friday at LaFayette First Baptist Church from 4 to 8 pm. The funeral is noon Saturday at the church.