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Residents near Skypark fear the worst is yet to come

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Story by Paul Shahen
Eyewitness News Reporter

MIDDLE VALLEY, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) – Police responded to another plane crash at Dallas Bay Skypark in Middle Valley.

Remember back in August, a plane hit the Skypark's main building upon landing.

Thursday, another landing issue. A small plane over shot the runway, and finally came to a stop on Crabtree Road.

"I heard a loud noise, I stayed there for a minute, and realized that wasn't a normal noise I hear from the airport," says Michell Cavitt.

Michelle Cavitt knows it could have been much worse when a plane crashed 100 yards from her house this morning.

No one was injured and the plane has minor damage.

Luckily, an officer was just a few blocks away when the plane rolled onto the edge of the Crabtree Road.

"The only explanation I was given, was he overshot the runway and hit the fence," says Janice Atkinson, spokesperson with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

Cavitt heard it all, she rushed outside and noticed the plane was in the same spot that cars often stop to watch the planes.

"There's actually cars that stop at the end of the fence, watching the planes take off and land. They're actually in the wrong spot. I don't know why they'd wanna stop there," says Cavitt.

This is Dallas Bay's second failed landing since August. Skypark employees did not want to comment.

As for neighbors like Cavitt and her four children, this is starting to make her nervous.

"You just never know, it's the small ones that keep having problems lately, and especially at this airport, I keep thinking any minute something really bad is gonna happen besides pushing down a fence," says Cavitt.

The thought of moving has crossed her mind, but she says it hasn't gotten that bad yet.

"It's a thought, I mean I love living here, my kids love watching the planes, its just been bad because its been three in a row," says Cavitt.

The pilot of the small Piper Arrow plane has been identified as Robin Russell.

He left with no injuries.

Since he did not file a flight plan, police say they don't know where he was coming from.

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