By Megan Boatwright
Channel 3 Eyewitness News Reporter

DALTON, WHITFIELD COUNTY (WRCB) - At a time when many carpet businesses in Dalton have fallen victim to the recession, Peanut's Carpet House has managed to stay afloat.  Now a fire may have changed all that.

Fire destroyed three warehouses at the carpet house Monday afternoon.  Now, the owner is wondering how she'll go on.

It began as most family-run businesses do, with a couple and a dream in 1964.  In the 70's Peanut's Carpet House moved into the building their still located in today. 

"Cousins, aunts and uncles," says the owner's daughter, Kim Castillo.  "We all work here." 

Castillo watched her parent's dream grow over the years.  Peanut's Carpet House is known for low prices.  Despite the economy and a tanking carpet industry, the family kept going.

"We've been blessed with some orders," says Castillo.  "Enough just to keep us moving along."

Then Monday in the middle of the work day, fire.

"It was surreal," says Castillo.  "I couldn't believe it was really be happening." 

 It broke out in the warehouse, when a rug cutting machine caught fire. 

"The carpet basically melts and makes a big plastic balls," says Castillo.  "It's hard to get into."

The fire burned into the night, while the family waited.

"Just sit and watch it," says Kim's mother and Peanut's Carpet Owner, Patsy Howard.   "That's all we could do."  

This isn't the first time Howard has survived a devastating fire.  In the late 70's she saw her business burn to the ground, then she rebuilt.

"It's my whole life," Howard says with tears in her eyes. 

The family says although they don't know how yet, they'll find a way to move on.

Reporter: Will this make you leave the carpet business?  "I don't think so," says Castillo.  "It's been here for so long." 

It's the family business, it's all they've ever known.  "All I've ever done is carpet," says Castillo.