Eyewitness News Reporter/Weekend Anchor

EAST RIDGE, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - An East Ridge Couple is facing child abuse charges for allegedly beating their daughter with an electrical cord.

A school resource officer was made aware of the accusation Monday after the 13 year-old girl reported the abuse to an East Ridge Middle School counselor.

"The child felt that was a safe place to go," said Eric Hopkins, spokesperson for East Rigde Public Safety, "that's exactly what we teach our kids in school."

The SRO notified criminal investigators, along with Child Protective Services.

Erik Hopkins said the girl had injuries consistent with her story.

"The child did have injuries consistent with being hit with an electrical cord," said Hopkins, "my understanding is that it was around the legs."

Police arrested the girl's parents, 38-year-old Nicholas Rojas and 32-year-old Cristi Rojas. Both are charged with child abuse.

The pair told police they hit the girl because she would not obey.

"Her parents asking her to do something and if it wasn't done to standard or not at all," said Hopkins, "I think that's the reason."

Hopkins says the couple has eight children and an investigation is underway to see if the 13-year-old's siblings were also abused.

For now the 13-year-old girl is staying with her grandmother.

Hopkins added, immigration agencies are also investigating the couple.