By David Carroll

DUNLAP, TN (WRCB)- A Sequatchie County elementary school is the recipient of a special gift from some of the area's biggest fans:  hang glider pilots.  They say the Dunlap community has welcomed them into their homes and yards, so they're giving something back.

Todd Schultz's special education class at Griffith Elementary is enjoying a new interactive projector and screen, designed to get and hold their attention. It all started when Special Education Supervisor Nancy Dennis got a phone call, with the words she loves to hear.  "The Cloudbase Foundation called me and asked if there was anything we needed.  I told them we could use some technology, and they sent a check."

The gift was made possible by the Cloudbase Foundation, a Louisiana-based hang glider pilot organization.  The hang glider community has embraced Sequatchie County, and looked for ways to repay it's citizens for their hospitality.

Ricker Goldsborough of the Cloudbase Foundation says he flies in Sequatchie County frequently.   "We land here, and folks offer us soft drinks, water, folding chairs, and keep us company until our ride gets here," he says. 

It isn't every day an elementary school gets a call out of the clear blue sky from someone wanting to pitch in, so teachers and students at Griffith are thankful for their new friends, and their new technology.  Goldsborough met with School Board members Monday night to discuss their donation, and offer suggestions on how his group can help in the future.

Superintendent Johnny Cordell and Griffith principal Sarai Carbaugh welcomed Goldsborough to the school Monday afternoon to personally thank him for Cloudbase's generosity.

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