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Some UTC Students Say Ditch The Orange...Go Blue & Gold

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(CHATTANOOGA) WRCB-   Some UTC students say the U-T branding on campus has them seeing red.

   The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is a part of the Tennessee University system,  so some campus vehicles, and informational flyers bear the UT logo.  But the student government association is discussing a resolution.  One that would ask UTC administration to remove the orange.  Some students say it's not a bad idea.
  UTC Senior, Jasmine Banks, says," It's an interesting proposal to take the orange out, it might actually increase school spirit to see more blue and yellow."
  Sophomore Haley Chaucer says, " I think more blue and gold would be great and kinda say hey, even though we're part of UTK, we're UTC."
  A  UTC spokesperson says while they welcome student input,  the UT logo is part of university policy, and has been for three years.  You can also find the logo on school letterhead and business cards.

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