Story by Megan Boatwright
Eyewitness News Reporter

CLEVELAND,TN. (WRCB)-- A Cleveland family got the surprise of a lifetime when a deer came crashing through a window Wednesday night.

It wreaked havoc inside the home and officials still aren't sure what caused it to jump through the window.

The family thinks a motion light outside their home spooked the deer enough to jump several feet in the air through a side room window.

"I heard the sound, like glass breaking, but it kept going on and on," says David Ellis.

That's when David Ellis went to see what was happening inside his house, what he found was the last thing he expected.

"The deer, I saw the deer right here," says Ellis.

An 80 to 100 pounds six point buck had just come crashing through Ellis' window.

"At first we were like really scared. We thought we should go down and help but dad said to stay upstairs," says Jill Ellis, David's daughter.

The family had just settled into bed. David's wife and daughters were upstairs and the ladies of the house had a hard time believing or understanding what had happened.

"Dad started yelling and telling us to stay upstairs, so I guess we thought that there was like a robber or something," says Jill.

Downstairs David found his gun and began chasing the animal through his home.

"It had jumped across the table onto the other side and that's where it was when I came in with a gun and I shot it twice there," says Ellis.

Bullets holes and a few remaining drops of blood are the only left over evidence. David shot the buck four times before it stopped tearing through his home.

The family spent the last two days cleaning. Now that it's over, they've even been able to laugh a little.

"Got as much cleaning that we could done. We went to bed and said something and just started laughing. It was real funny then but it wasn't a bit funny during the time we were doing it," says Ellis.

TWRA officials say David Ellis was defending his home and will not face any charges for killing the deer.

The family is in the process of renovating their home and estimate the deer caused close to $2,000 worth of damage.