By Amy Morrow
Eyewitness News Anchor

HIXSON, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- A Hixson family says it's been a miserable three weeks.

21 year old Chance LeCroy was murdered on September 9th and no arrests have been made.

We met his family today and it's evident the pain is still very raw. Despite that, in hopes the story could spark interest in finding his killer. Chance LeCroy's cousin sat down with Amy Morrow to talk about their nightmare.

Sean LeCroy says, "One of a kind for sure, he was always looking to make someone smile, laugh, to make himself laugh." Sean is talking about his 21 year old Chance LeCroy. The two grew up together. They were more like brothers. He says his entire life changed September 9th.

He adds, "Grandma called and I couldn't quite make out what she was saying."

That's because she was trying to tell Sean that Chance had been murdered, shot in his own home on Johnston Terrace. Sean left work and drove straight to the crime scene.

He says, "I didn't wanna get too close. I didn't wanna see anything. I wanted to know what happened and who did it."

Answers the LeCroy family is still praying for. The night of the murder, Chance LeCroy's roommate told police he heard a gunshot, that a white male had forced him to the floor at gunpoint. He also told detectives a second suspect shouted, " We got it, let's go". That's when the roommate found LeCroy had been shot in the head. He was pronounced dead by emergency responders.

Sean says, " I haven't slept in three weeks."

Sean says he believes the shooter was a stranger. He says there's no way someone who knew his cousin would've murdered him.

He adds, "I'd say they'd much rather the cops catch em before the family members do, that's for sure."

Investigators say they're looking for two white males who likely fled in a gray or blue pick up truck. Both criminals were armed with handguns. If you know anything, find it in your heart to help ease some of the pain for this family.

Sean adds, "You'd have to live it to know it, I've seen it on TV and it is the only thing, they hafta be caught for sure."

Again if you have that piece of evidence that could help police make an arrest, call Crime Stoppers at 698--3333. Channel 3 has been working with Crime Stoppers for more than 25 years to help put criminals behind bars.

You could get a cash reward, and the call is confidential.