Story by Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

DECATUR, TN (WRCB) -- Mary Nell Bostse was shocked to hear a man was shot to death not far from her store last Thursday.

Police say the death of Roger Self is the first murder in decades for the city of Decatur.

Meigs County deputies were assisting on the scene.

They say Self had been shot several times.

Lt. Scotty Wiggins said, "We spoke to the wife who said she hadn't seen the husband since the day before."

Police said the man's wife called to report him missing before they found him laying face down a barn behind his house.

Right now police have now suspects.

Neighbors said now that a killer is on the loose they will keep a more watchful on the neighborhood.

Norman Wright said she has lived here in Meigs county for more than 20 years and never thought something like this would hit so close to home.

Wright said, "It really concerns me because we live back off the road and you never know who might try to come in on you. You never know."

Bostse said she knew self for quite some time and saw him days before the shooting.

She said he never indicated he was in any kind of trouble or had anyone looking for him.

Bostse said, "You don't know anymore, that is the scary thing. You can just be sitting there and you could be next."

This bizarre shooting has everyone on edge, especially neighbors, because it appeared to be random, and less than a mile from the Meigs County Sheriff's Office.

Police say what's baffling is nothing was missing from the house so it's unclear why the man was killed.

The TBI has taken over the case, but you can contact Decatur Police or the Meigs County Sheriff's Office with any information.

Decatur Police (423) 334-5716

Meigs County Sheriff's Office (423) 334-5268