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Woman still seeking answers in mother's murder

Story by Antwan Harris

Eyewitness News Reporter

DAYTON, TN. (WRCB)-- Dayton investigators say a death row inmate may be the key to solving a 35-year-old murder.

Police say Edward Harbison was last seen with the victim.

The problem is, he's refusing to answer their questions.

Carolyn Garmany's family says they are closer to getting the answers they need as to who killed their loved one.

Police say Harbison could point them in the right direction to those answers, and could finally let the family be at ease.

 "I just want some closure, me and my family," says Faith Morgan.

Faith Morgan says she will rest easier once she finds out who killed her mother, Carolyn Garmany, 35 years ago.

Lt. Jeff Hill with the Dayton Police Department, says about two years ago, he received a tip from the district attorney's office that may help put Morgan's mind at ease.

It came at a time when she though all hope was lost.

"Someone finally cares, you know? I was just thrilled," says Morgan.

That tip led Lt. Hill to Edward Harbison.

He is currently on death row for killing an elderly Chattanooga woman in 1983.

"I feel like he has some answers and in his situation, he is about to meet his maker and I would hope that he would meet him with a clear heart," says Lt. Hill.

It was Railroad Street where Faith last saw her mother. She says her mom left for the day, only to never return.

 "The last thing I remember is when she did my hair. It was a happy day for her, right near her birthday. And that was the last thing I remembered, her telling me she would see me later.

But later never came.

Lt. Hill says Harbison was last seen with Garmany days before her birthday in 1975.

Garmany was pregnant at the time of her death.

Hill says Harbison would visit the family frequently and now he hopes Harbison will come clean with any information.

So far there's been more frustrations than responses.

Until that happens, Hill says a reminder won't let him give up.

"That is why I keep her picture right here on the front page. It reminds me to continue to do everything I need to do," says Lt. Hill.

Along the banks of the Richland Creek, police say a fisherman found Garmany's body. To make matters worse. It would have been her 29th birthday.

Faith now holds on to that very thing, faith, hoping for closure.

She says that day couldn't come soon enough.

"For me and my family, growing up without a mom is real tough, and it still is. Me or my sisters don't have a mom to go to and talk to like a best friend or see her grandchildren run around a yard. That was taken away," says Morgan.

Earlier this month Harbison requested to have his sentence changed to life in prison, but that was denied.

His execution is set for February.

Right now he is being held at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in Nashville.


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