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Theresa Parker's Stepfather talks, Police search for more clues

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By Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTOOGA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- Deputies were back out in those woods, Thursday, looking for more clues in the case of Theresa Parker.

The goal was to use a leaf blower to clear out the area in case something was buried under the brush.

While Police search for more clues, the family searches for some type of closure.

"We sure would like to meet him if that is possible,"  says Greg Careather, Theresa's stepfather.

Careathers says the family hopes to one day meet the man who found her the remains Monday.

A jaw bone was found on this property near the Chattooga river. Thursday deputies returned in hopes to find more clues.

Careathers says he never saw this news coming, but held on to hope.

"Did you ever think they would find her? No. To tell you the truth no. Did you give up? No we didn't give up," says Careather.

Now the family can start the healing process. Careathers says that won't be an easy road to travel. The  news of finding the remains has raised fresh emotion.

"It'll take some time for her. Right now it is just hard," says Careather.

Sheriff Steve Wilson says the search was concentrated to Walker and the surrounding counties because Sam Parker was known to be in those areas.

Wilson says with this discovery they can learn more about her death.

"I think this ties up all the lose ends, even though that is a sad statement," says Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson.

Careather says the family has been grieving since the bones were found but is thankful for the time and resources police agencies put into finding Parker.

"They went out and look for her, they did the best they could and they come up with really good police work," says Careather.

The GBI will continue to search the area for more remains as the family waits to receive the body.

The family says they will plan a memorial service for Parker at that time.

In the meantime, lawyers for Sam Parker have started the appeal process. Parker is serving a life sentence.

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