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Forensics expert: "The bones don't lie"

Paul Shahen
Eyewitness News Reporter

Chattanooga, TN (WRCB) -- The lingering question for so many people is ‘how did Theresa Parker die?'  If anyone can make that determination after all this time, it will be forensics experts.

"Time is the, time is the enemy, it really is," UTC Director of Archeology Nick Honerkamp said.

With time comes erosion, whether it be natural forces, animals or insects. Investigators on scene said Theresa Parkers' remains have been there for more than two years. Honerkamp says not all hope is lost when searching for a cause of death.

"It is possible, if something affected the bones that led to the death of this person that that's still there," said Honerkamp.

He also said forensic scientists are trained to decipher what marks are from animals and natural forces compared to foul play.

Honerkamp uses a tooth mark, compared to a knife mark, as an example.

"A tooth is going to make more of a trench looking mark on the bone when you magnify it. A cut mark with a knife is going to be very different. So that's the kind of thing they look for, known vs unknown," said Honerkamp

The time Parker's body spent outside just makes the puzzle harder to piece, but certainly not impossible.

Honerkamp said, "the bones don't lie, and if there's evidence to be had, I think it will be forthcoming."

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