The body found by two joggers in downtown Chattanooga last week has been identified by the medical examiner. 

But police can't locate the man's family, so they're not releasing his name.

Police say the man was wearing military-style clothing, and may have been homeless.



By Fatima Rahmatullah
Eyewitness News

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A jogger made a gruesome discovery Thursday morning near Ross's Landing.  What he thought was dead fish turned out to be a body.  Eyewitness News talked with people who visit the Riverfront. 

Many say these recent discoveries make them wonder what else could be in the river. 

"We actually trained in the river for triathlons, and just made me think that maybe we don't want to be swimming in the river," says Brian Malone. 

Malone jogs here nearly four times a week.  The news of finding a man's body at Ross's Landing is not so surprising. 

Mike Boyer and his buddies work in the area and often eat lunch by the river. 

"Kind of weird. Wonder how long it's been there.  Don't know when it was put in there you know," says Boyer. 

UTC Professor Dr. Timothy Gaudin thinks the body may have been there a while because it was partially submerged, not floating.   

The Tennessee Valley is well below normal rainfall this year and that means the river level has dropped leaving objects on the river bed exposed.

"Then these things that have been covered by the flood in the previous year can be exposed and that can allow you to find things in the riverbed, objects, bodies other sorts of things," says Dr. Timothy Gaudin. 

As police work to identify the body and figure out how it got in the river, people who visit the Riverfront often hope they will solve this mystery soon.

"Maybe the family gets some closure if they find out who it is. That's what the bad part is," says Boyer. 


CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – Police say a body has been pulled from the water at Ross's Landing.

The body was found by a jogger Thursday morning.

Chattanooga Police say they believe the body is male.  It is slightly decomposed and is missing a foot and the head.

The identification process is underway at the medical examiner's office.

Stay with and Eyewitness News for more on this developing story.


CHATTANOOGA, (WRCB) Eyewitness News has learned that a body has been found on the river. 

It was found near same place where the decomposed foot was found in a boot on Wednesday.

Channel 3 is on the scene and we will bring you more details as it becomes available.