CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Police are looking for teens who stole from a man, who was trying to help them out.

Steven Teitel was moving out of the Extended Stay on Airport Road on Friday.

He noticed three teens hanging around and befriended the, offering them some cash to help him load up his car.

The teens even helped him walk his dog and when he took out his money clip to pay them for their help, they turned on him.

"One of em put a choke hold around my neck, another one hit me in the left jaw, I have a bruise, and the other slapped my money clip out of my hand. Money went flying all over the ground like a game show," says Teitel.

"There were two other people standing at the office door where the guys ran by and did nothing. And that's what's wrong today: People doing nothing!," says Jimmy Adams, witness.

Teitel could only give a vague description, three black teens wearing saggy pants. One had a brand new pair of tennis shoes he was trying not to scuff up.

If you have any information, Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward. The phone number is 698-3333, and it's a confidential call.