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UPDATED: Theresa Parker remains found in Chattooga

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LAFAYETTE, WALKER COUNTY (WRCB) – Investigators in Walker County say the body of Theresa Parker has been found in Chattooga County.

The remains were found on the east bank of the Chattooga River, near the Alabama border.

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson said in the news conference that GBI forensic technicians have identified the remains as Theresa Parker through dental records.

Authorities say a farmer found Theresa's jawbone early on Monday and more remains were found Tuesday.

Sheriff Wilson said Theresa's mother was upset and relieved to hear the news earlier today.

Theresa Parker, a Walker County 911 Dispatcher, disappeared in March of 2007.

Her estranged husband Sam, a former LaFayette Police Officer, was convicted of her murder in September of 2009 without having found Theresa's body.

It's been a long, painful 3 and half years for Theresa Parker's family. They know for certain, despite their hope, that she won't be coming home alive.

"I wish they could have been better I wish they could found her, but her family can get closure," says Pat Spears, Lafayette resident.

Dental records confirm that remains found here in this remote area of Chattooga County, Georgia in the Holland Community belong to Theresa Parker.

Two farmers who were walking near the Chattooga River found a skull. An 8 hour search turned up other bones, but not a full skeleton.

"It's a great day and it's a terrible day, it's great we have answers, unfortunately it's not the answers we wanted...it's what happened, how it happened, the bill board, it's not there and I look for her picture of her, and now at least we know where she is," says David Ashburn, Walker County Coordinator.

Theresa Parker, was a Walker County dispatcher when she went missing in March 2007. Her  estranged husband and former Lafayette Police Officer Sam Parker was convicted of murdering her last September. Sam Parker is serving a life sentence, and his case is in the appeal process.



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