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Homework hassle? Not at Spring City Elem. School

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By David Carroll


SPRING CITY, TN (WRCB)- At Spring City Elementary School in Rhea County, homework may soon be a thing of the past.

Principal Shane Johnson, citing research showing "that homework doesn't always increase learning," has instructed 4th and 5th grade teachers to assign homework only when necessary.  Most nights, students say they don't have to carry a single book home.

5th grader Addison Ballard said, "Last year I had a heavy backpack, and it really hurt my back.  Plus there was no time to do anything but homework after supper.  I like this year better."

Her classmate Christian Newport agreed saying, "They give us time to do homework at school, with the teacher close enough to help.  I just get it done here, and that's easier on me and my family.  And it gives me time to play at home."

Math teacher Kim Jones says the new approach is working.  She says, "My students look forward to coming to class each day.  They come in asking what we'll be doing today, instead of dreading it because of what they'll have to take home."

Principal Johnston emphasizes that the school will allow students to check out textbooks for home use.  But he says parents are much happier, "especially those with children at two or three schools.  They appreciate the additional family time they didn't use to have.  And let's face it, if we're doing our jobs, parents shouldn't have to do it for us at home."

Superintendent Jerry Levengood and School Board member B.J. McCoy told Eyewitness News they're watching the Spring City experiment carefully.  If learning improves, the policy could spread to other Rhea County schools.

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