OOLTEWAH, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - If you happen to look skyward in Ooltewah, and it looks like an air war is raging in the skies.

Don't be alarmed.  It's just the Chattanooga Radio Control Club out for another day of fun.

Paul Wright is the founder and president of the club, and even though he's not a pilot of full scale planes, aviation has been his passion his entire life.

Most of the 90 club members are pilots of full sized planes.  So what could the RC planes possibly have to offer?  Charles Perry is a pilot, and a 17-year member of the Chattanooga Radio Control Club.

The RC club meets at Summit Field in Ooltewah.  The summit is the top of a capped landfill, but these aviators have transformed it into their sanctuary.

For Stephen Lewis, and his sons, Zach and Aaron - who plans on going into the Air Force, working on and flying the planes is a way of getting away from it all, and getting closer to each other.

As advanced as a lot of this may look, there is room for the novice aviator at Summit Field.  There is a buddy box system that allows the beginner to fly the plane alongside a more experienced aviator.