CATOOSA COUNTY (WRCB) - Catoosa County commissioner Bobby Winters is still concerned about logging business in a neighborhood off Dietz Road.

The owner, Craig Burchfield, was handed a cease and desist order from the county Tuesday afternoon.

He tells Eyewitness News he'll stay in business until lawyers work things out with the city attorney.

His neighbor Wayne Dunn is happy the county is taking notice to the problem. "It is good somebody is taking notice."

Jo Hurning of Rossville said she is upset over Mr. Burchfield's ordeal.

Hurning used the tree service after a large tree branch crunched the top of her truck last winter.

"I think he is an outstanding citizen. I think he is being treated unfairly," she says.

While neighbors wait patiently to see if the county will force the business out the neighborhood, Hornung believes the real victim, is Burchfield.

"I just say go. Keep chopping and chipping."