MENLO, CHATTOOGA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - It's been eight years since Adam Chrismer was murdered, and his body has still not been sent home.

Adam and his young bride Samantha Leming were mutilated by Howard Hawk Willis.

The couple's remains were found in a Johnson City storage unit.

Wednesday Adam's mother received the word his remains will soon be home.

"Almost eight years to the day, we've waited," said  Teresa Chrismer.

It's the waiting that Teresa Chrismer says has made the last eight years unbearable.

"The waiting is the hell, she added, "and the not knowing."

Funeral arrangements for Adam have been on hold since his brutal 2002 murder.

Adam's 16 year-old bride, Samantha Leming, was also killed.

Her body has been laid to rest.

"It wasn't the same," said Chrismer, "Adam wasn't there."

Chrismer says her family has been in disarray since her son was killed.

"His little cousins for years couldn't sleep in their bed at night because they were afraid they would be killed too," said Chrismer. "What Willis did effected a lot of people."

Howard Hawk Willis was convicted of killing Chrismer and Leming in July.

"Willis getting the death penalty is sweet, it's bitter sweet, but it's sweet," said Chrismer, "but getting his body back home is very important."

After eight years, Adam's body is finally on its way back to his family.

"There will be a new beginning you know," said Chrismer, "close the page and start all over again."

Adam Chrismer's body will be returned on Friday.

Wilson's and Son's Funeral Home in Fort Ogelthorpe will handle the funeral service on October 1st.

Chrismer says the funeral home has offered to cover the cost.

Chrismer plans to cremate Adam's remains and place them next to his father's.