CATOOSA COUNTY (WRCB) - Wayne Dunn says he's fed up with the logging business that's been going on next door to his home.

He says throughout the week, he constantly hears chainsaws and wood chipping from Craig Burchfield's tree services business on Dietz Road.

Burchfield said even though there is no business license on record with the county, his tree service is a legitimate home business and this is the only place he can keep all of his equipment.

"It is just me, my son and brother that work here. I got one guy that is handicapped on the log splitter. If he didn't work here, he would be out on the street," Burchfield said.

Neighbors' complaints didn't fall on deaf ears.

Eyewitness News obtained a letter from the Catoosa County Planning and Zoning Office, ordering Burchfield to shut down his business.

The letter states the business violates residential zoning laws that prohibit commercial vehicles from being visible on the property.

"It is not a yard sale. It is not a little guy here that is retired with a chainsaw cutting up a log or two trying to make a little extra cash. It is a full blown log service," Wayne Dunn said.

In August, Burchfield's lawyer met with the Catoosa County attorney, Chad Young, to address the problem.

Then he was ordered to put up an eight-foot fence that would dampen the noise and hide the vehicles.

Commissioner Bobby Winters says he wasn't sure this would fix the problem or serve as a cover up.

"The noise factor in a residential area just can not work. It can't work here or any residential area in our county," Winters said.

In order to meet to home occupation requirements, only one commercial vehicle can be visible on the property.

The county also recommenced Burchfield get a business license.

Burchfield's lawyer plans to meet with county leaders to see if the cease and desist order can be lifted.