CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Four men charged in connection with the kidnapping of a downtown restaurant employee are one step closer to trial.

The courtroom was packed with the defendants' family members and witnesses.

These men are accused of not just one kidnapping, but two, and a home invasion.

Tuesday we heard testimony from several of the victims in the case.

For the first time since his kidnapping, 19-year-old Mychael Chunn came face to face with the men accused of locking him in his trunk, robbing his home, and pawning his valuables.

They did threaten to kill me several times. They told me if I didn't cooperate and do as they ask they would kill me," says Chunn.

Chunn testified about the 10 hours he spent in the trunk of his car. It was a similar story from Joe Clark.

Clark was kidnapped near the Bluff View Art District just days after Chunn. He escaped by pulling a release lever in the trunk of his car.

"Did the parties inside appear to realize you had escaped?" asks the district attorney.

"I don't think that they did, I didn't stick around to find out," says Clark.

Prosecutors say two of the four men charged admitted their involvement.

They have also been tied to a home invasion.

Prosecutors say the men mistakenly broke into William Juan's home, instead of Joe Clark's apartment.

Juan testified he and his roommate were held at gunpoint while the men robbed him. "I got kicked down and was face down the whole time. They hit me and put me on the ground."

Defense attorneys say their clients are not all equally involved.

Attorney Bill Speek says 20 year-old Twain Jackson abandoned his friends when he found out Mychael Chunn was in the trunk.

"When he was first informed of it, he acted appropriately. He wasn't involved in the kidnapping. He had no idea of the things that are being testified to today," says attorney Speek.

Quintez Bulloch's father came to his defense, saying his son also got mixed up in the wrong crowd.

"He's not never disrespected me or my wife. He's always been a good child. I'm really shocked about this," Says Samuel Bulloch.

But it seems you are the company you keep. Judge Clarence Shattuck found enough evidence against all four men to send each to the grand jury.

Christopher Turner and Twain Jackson waived their right to a preliminary hearing. Their cases, along with Jeffery McClendon's and Quintez Bulloch's will head to the Grand Jury to decide if they will go to trial.

Bond has been reduced for Jackson and Bulloch.

All four men are still in the Hamilton County Jail.