CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- A reported carjacking at 1100 N Hawthorne Saturday night sent one man to the hospital with an apparent head injury.

Police responded to the location just after 9 PM and found Scott Salter being loaded into an ambulance.

At the hospital he told police that he was in the area playing rugby but became lost after making a wrong turn. When he stopped at a red light and asked a man standing on the corner for directions, the man pulled a gun on him, got into the car and told Salter to drive.

Salter was made to drive to 1100 N Hawthorne Street. Once they stopped, Salter attempted to take the gun away from the suspect but was hit through the passenger side window by a second suspect. Salter then jumped out of the car and ran while the two suspects drove off in his vehicle.

Salter ran to 1900 Wilson Street where he met a woman who called police for him. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment of the laceration on his head.

Salter described the two suspects as black males, one with a bushy beard and no mustache and the other wearing a gray and white hat with ear flaps.

Police are currently looking for Salter's vehicle, a blue, four-door Toyota. Salter said it was a rental car and didn't remember the model.

His current condition is not known.

The investigation will continue.