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Chattanooga Police Have Warning For Residents

(Hixson) WRCB - Chattanooga Police have a warning for residents.

They're trying to determine if a series of armed robberies are linked to the same suspects.  Friday afternoon someone approached a man living on Metro Park Lane in Hixson.  The man told police a young black man  held him at gunpoint and took his cash.

Neighbors say the neighborhood is full of children.  One man adds that thought of someone stalking residents with a gun is unnerving.

Neighbor Chris Perry says, "It'd be ashamed to shoot a man, to lose his life over 15 dollars especially him being a father of two kids."

A similar robbery happened earlier in the day on Patterson Drive in East Brainerd.  Police are asking the public to be on alert.  They say beware of anyone suspicious in your neighborhood,  especially someone who tries to approach you.

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