Story by Megan Boatwright

Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- A series of home robberies have been terrifying people in Chattanooga.

Among them are two elderly ladies who were robbed at gunpoint.

Ethel Davidson has been sitting with her relative Eloise Dodson for three years.

Dodson is paralyzed on her left side.

Thursday night two gunmen forced them on the ground, but offered Dodson a pillow.

"He's told me all the time don't open the door unless you know who's there," says Davidson.

Ethel Davidson says, more than anything, she wishes she hadn't opened the door Thursday, but it was time for Eloise's husband to be home.

"I was going to push him out and not let him come in, but he pushed his way on in and told me to get on the floor," says Davidson.

Around 6:30 a black man knocked on the door asking if the women needed help with yard work. Then he put a gun in Ethel's face.

"She told him I can't I'm crippled and it hurts and he threw over her a pillow down there," says Davidson.

The men started going through the house, asking the women for cash and jewelry. He told them if they moved he would kill them.

"I told him, I said we're 80 and 83-years-old," says Davidson.

The two spent the next hour on the living room floor. But after a while, lying on the floor became difficult for Eloise.

"Then when Eloise started kind of talking to me and I told her, I said Eloise they told us they'd shoot us," says Davidson.

Eventually Ethel realized the men were gone. That's when she got up and called police.

"I prayed the whole time I was on the floor," says Davidson.

A new alarm system will be installed, but the brief time Ethel was home alone Friday made her nervous.

"But I knew I wasn't going to open the door to nobody, never again," says Davidson.

The suspects got away with Eloise Dodson's purse and her husband's 12-gauge shot gun. The women say it was in the attic.

Police are looking for two clean shaven, black men wearing long sleeves and white pants between 175 to 200 pounds.