Chattanooga's only independent bookstore houses a Moon Pie and souvenir collection, a snack and coffee bar. And this may surprise you, it's home to a daily two hour business show that can be seen all over the country on cable TV and the internet.      

The man behind the show and the bookstore is David Magee, author of 12 nonfiction books, a former newspaper editor and radio host who relishes doing the show in Chattanooga, rather than a major city.

Magee says, "I don't want to be in New York.  Never say never, if it happens, but I want to stay right here."

He wants to keep the perspective you get from sitting here, compared to sitting in New York.

The little bookstore is in the heart of  reborn Chattanooga at Broad and Fourth.

The David Magee Show started on radio on the Business Talk Radio Network.  Last spring it launched on the national cable network, Biz Television.

You can't watch it yet on Chattanooga cable, but October 1st the show will be on in about 60 markets.

Magee says his show will be on local then, but viewers may have to look in the higher numbered channels to find him.

The content is aimed at regular folks.  Magee says he thinks there's a big disconnect in what's happening on Wall Street and Main Street.   But he is trying to bridge the gap and make it easily understood. 

Sean Phipps is co-host to Magee and brings a younger perspective to the discussions. Phipps says it's time for the little guy to win out.

Right away, the message is clear:  Magee and Phipps identify with the audience they're trying to reach. They say 150 million Americans in the middle feel like they've been forgotten. 

Viewers can email questions or call, but usually the callers on Magee's show are experts like Joe Sharkey from the New York Times and Trevor Trainer, founder of   

Magee says viewers tell him, "It's time somebody said exactly what you're saying because we're not hearing that out there. We're hearing people on wall street  talking way over our heads, we don't understand and more importantly, we don't care."

Magee shows he cares each time he signs on with his show from downtown Chattanooga.