By Amy Morrow
Eyewitness News Reporter

RED BANK, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - Red Bank detectives say a home invasion case has taken a strange twist during the investigation.  It all started with a suspect's confession.

 Interim Red Bank Police Chief Dan Knight says, "He admitted to jacking the guy, taking his dope and taking his gun."

Sounds cut and dry, but Red Bank investigators couldn't stop there. They say 22 year old Keeven Addision admitted to the robbery, but said it didn't happen at the alleged victim's home on Joselin Lane like reported.

Knight adds, "We're gonna have to do some re-interviewing to find out when this actually happened and who's telling the most truth."

Addison told investigators he "jacked" the victim in the parking lot of the YMCA on Hixson Pike.  But,  James Ricks told investigators two black males came into his home and robbed him at gunpoint, taking his gun and 3200 dollars worth of pot.

Tim Penney lives next door to where the home invasion reportedly happened. He says, "Mmmm I don't believe there's been a home invasion over there."

Penney says he didn't see or hear anything strange early Wednesday morning.  In fact he says Ricks moved out before the reported home invasion.

He adds, "They's in and out of there Saturday, quick."

No matter how it unfolded,  the thought of what could have happened on Joselin Lane coupled with the fact that it was drug related, is alarming for some.

Susan Brown lives in the neighborhood. She says, "It's no surprise me at all, but it's really scary children are living in this neighborhood and it needs to be safe."

And as detectives dig, they say this case could take a turn and the victim could find himself on the wrong side of the law.

Sgt. Knight says, "If he lied to us, filing a false report, lying to police, sending us down the wrong road."

Sgt. Knight says Red Bank has logged 7 - 8 home invasions this year.  Of those,  at least 3 were drug related.  Addison is charged with aggravated burglary and robbery.