RED BANK, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - Red Bank Police dismantled the remnants of a meth lab tucked into a backpack Wednesday afternoon.

The troubling part, it was left in plain view for anyone to stumble across in a park area.

The backpack was at the Memorial Gardens in Red Bank next to what everyone calls the Duck Pond.

Investigators say the dangerous components were all there.

"It's disturbing to know it's that close, in such a peaceful place," says Chris Dunn of Red Bank.

"It's what we're seeing now. We're not going to people's home, it's on the street and it's dangerous," Red Bank Investigator Shane Dockery says for every lab they find, there are ten more out there.

That's why they want to get the word out. If you find something like police found here, don't touch it. Don't investigate. Just call police.