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Mayor looks to move forward; Recallers look to appeal

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Mayor Ron Littlefield addressed a crowd of supporters a day after Judge Jeff Hollingsworth struck down the efforts to add the recall to the November ballot.

Littlefield said now he hopes turn the recall opposition back into his corner.

"I am extending an olive branch to all of those people who are on the other side of issues," Littlefield said.

Littlefield said the recall effort was a distraction he hopes to put behind him.

He also says the judge's ruling was fair. Not everyone agrees.

Charlie Wyson with the recall group said, "I object to the judge's ruling. I believe it is wrong."

Wysong addressed the Hamilton County Election Commission Wednesday morning to express his concerns with the "dated signature" technicality that cost his group the recall.

He said the language between city and state codes can cause confusion when interpreting the law.

"It should not have been. No one observes the law to the jot and title," Wysong said.

Then there was the issue of signatures. Election commissioner and attorney Jerry Summers said he always advised the group to follow the state code, which requires 15,000 signatures.

"The recall group decided to go with the lower number. The safest route would have been to go with the higher number. It would have been more difficult, but these people were enthusiastic."

And Mayor Littlefield hopes to turn that enthusiasm into the city's growth.

"I hope that all those energies can be channeled into something that can make this," Littlefield said.

While Mayor Littlefield is looking to put this behind him, the recall group may not be done.

At this point they can either accept the ruling, or start a new petition altogether.

Wysong indicated they are considering the third option, and that is to appeal the judge's ruling.

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