RED BANK, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - Adam Stewart gave us a tour of his Ridgemont apartment Wednesday. The sights and smells were enough to see why he wants out.  Now the problem is getting out.

"Moldy, mildew, it's just a damp odor," says Stewart.

Stewart has lived in Ridgemont for almost three years. He went one month without water in his kitchen because management wouldn't fix his faucet. He's under contract for a few more months, but says enough is enough.

"They essentially told me I can leave anytime I wanted," says Stewart. "But they aren't understanding I want to leave free and clear of any lease obligations."

Stewart knows better than to just leave. He requested a release in writing. He checks back during office hours daily, but he says the office is very rarely open.

State law says tenants can leave if the landlord isn't supplying essential services. 

It also says the landlord must comply with several building and health issues. Something Stewart says are clearly being ignored.

"They systematically lie to their tenants about when certain maintenance issues will be taken care of. We've had service disruption to garbage every year that I've lived here," Stewart says.

Meanwhile in chancery court Wednesday, the owners of Ridgemont did not show on issues related to another of their properties, Cambridge Apartments.

The lending company trying to take over the Cambridge Apartments questioned Cambridge's property manager. He admitted the owners do neglect paying bills. That's the reason for the power, water and garbage issues.

Channel 3 tried calling the owner John Gosnell, but it went straight to voicemail.

"People live here and they live in very close proximity to some of the worst conditions," says Stewart. "There's a lot of mold in downstairs apartments, that can't be a healthy situation."

Stewart says his best advice is to completely avoid renting in places like Ridgemont or Cambridge. He also says document all your problems if you need to break your contract, they're less likely to fight you.