CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The Ice Cream Show serves up ice cream and yogurt in a way that's unique to Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley.

Roger and Lynda Curtis call it custom-blended ice cream.  He says it was actually invented in Geneva, Switzerland back in 1937.  It's an old process, but Roger says you just don't see it much because it requires a lot of work.

The choices for flavors and add-ins include all kinds of fresh chocolate, roasted nuts and fresh fruit.   Mathematically, that gives customers some 17,000 different possibilities!

Two Notre Dame students, who are regular customers, were trying out new flavors when we were there. 

Bridget Haywood says she gets something different every time.

She and Callie Voges say they are big fans.  They make sure to get their cards punched so they can earn a free cone.  Callie Voges got chocolate, peanut butter and Reese's Cups blended on a freshly baked waffle cone.

Lynda Curtis says strawberry cheesecake with macadamia nuts is among the most popular flavors. 

The Curtises brought their approach to ice cream to Chattanooga after perfecting it in Greenville and Clemson, SC.  And about two years ago, they were ready to branch out and explore new markets.

But they had requirements.  Roger says, "We like having colleges close by. We like a river and we like bridges."  Here they found all three.

Curtis says the Northshore was recommended, but he says they didn't want to be close to competitors. "We don't want to hurt anybody's business, we wanted our own space."

A walk by the bridge from the Hunter Museum sealed the deal.  "We saw this spot and Lynda said, 'that's it right there.'"

Roger says everybody wants to walk across this bridge when they come to Chattanooga. That's one reason they chose the spot on the city side of the walking bridge.

Roger says when people are at leisure, and are on their feet, they want to buy ice cream.

The Curtises are loyal to local products.  They use Mayfield ice cream.

"Scottie Mayfield has been in my shop many times and he tells me they can't do it like this, but he understands we're using his product and he's good with that," Roger says.

The Curtises have loved all over the world as former missionaries. Now they've made Chattanooga their home, where they are able to live within walking distance from the Ice Cream Show.

They've never lived this close to water and say they're enjoying that, the walk and the amazing view.  Roger says Chattanooga is just a great place to live.           

If you'd like to visit The Ice Cream Show, their address is 105 Walnut Street, Chattanooga.