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UPDATED: Community leaders: "This is Chattanooga's time"

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – Mayor Ron Littlefield, joined by several community leaders, says it's time for Chattanooga to look to the future.

The news conference comes the day after a grassroots effort to recall the mayor was shut down by a chancery court judge.

"I am extending an olive branch to all of the people who are lined up on the other side of issues, not just the issues we dealt with recently, but all of the issues that have faced us or will face us as the community moves forward," says Mayor Littlefield.

Mayor Littlefield was joined at the news conference by Congressman Zach Wamp, Council Chairman Manny Rico, Chamber of Commerce President Tom Edd Wilson and several former mayors of Chattanooga.

"We have been through a somewhat trying time. Now the community can heal, grow, and move forward," Littlefield said.

Citing the "First Golden Age of Chattanooga", an era of growth at the beginning of the 20th Century, Mayor Littlefield said Chattanooga is "in that kind of age right now."

"It's a time when we should not take our attention off the task at hand or our eye of the future," the mayor said.

"This is Chattanooga's time. It's our moment in history," said Tom Edd Wilson, President and CEO of Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce. "You can't do what Chattanooga has done in the past few years without cooperation of the public and private sector."

Wilson added that there are currently between 40 and 45 new businesses "in our pipeline."

"They may range from ‘what's Chattanooga got, we want to talk to you' to a deal that's done and an announcement we hope to make very soon," Wilson said. "So Chattanooga is on everybody's radar right now."

Congressman Zach Wamp focused on unity, saying "Today it's important that we honor everyone's right to speak, to petition, to protest. And when that is over and complete under our law, we come together."

"We are the talk of the state and the South," Wamp said. "We have to build on it. It's going to take a unified effort. And I'm going to encourage all of our citizens to come together and unite, and seize this extraordinary and unique opportunity to make Chattanooga all that it can be."

Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Antwan Harris is continuing to follow up on the efforts to recall Mayor Littlefield and what the next steps are for the organizers. Stay with throughout the day for more on the developing story.




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