By Megan Boatwright
Eyewitness News

RED BANK, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - Residents at Cambridge Park Apartments say they're fed up with the living conditions there.

Residents say they're living in apartments infested with bugs and covered in mold.  They have gone without water four times in recent months.

Last week, the city fined the property owners for failing to dump trash.  Tuesday, inspectors were on the scene.

A few tenants invited the city manager and code inspectors to take pictures and look for code violations.  When they arrived, several more tenants asked that their apartments to be inspected as well. 

"The overall conditions of some of the apartments is pretty shocking," says Red Bank City Manager, Chris Dorsey. 

Dorsey and other city officials spent most of Tuesday morning in and out of Cambridge Park Apartments.

"We have to be invited in," said the city manager.  "That's what's now finally happening." 

As the officials tour, they check for running water and working smoke detectors; documenting mold and mildew in one woman's bathroom, taking pictures of falling ceiling tiles. 

As Public Works Director, Wayne Hamill says, "building evidence".

"We want to make sure the units are sanitary and fit for human habitation," Hamill says. 

"Look at this disgusting carpet," says tenant, Mary Basler. 

Basler says her apartment isn't fit to live in. "These conditions are inhumane," she says "I wouldn't put a dog in this place." 

Basler moved-in just two months ago.  She says she's already more than fed up with management.  "They showed me the model," she says. "That's not what I got." 

Basler showed Channel 3 mold growing under her kitchen floor.  "It's just nasty," she says. 

The same type of conditions officials found over and over again.  They say they will take action.

"We will compile this and move forward with whomever takes over, assuming there is a take over," says Hamill.  "We'll work with them.  We only want compliance and a place that's safe for people to live."