By Melydia Clewell
Eyewitness News


EAST RIDGE, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - A mainstay along the main drag in East Ridge is shutting its doors for the last time Friday night.

It's a popular restaurant on Ringgold Road, with a name you may have often wondered how to pronounce.

"Everybody says Edison's or Eadson's or Idson's but that's not it. It's Eidson (rhymes with Kidson)," says Evelyn Eidson Seagle, owner of Eidson's Restaurant. a family owned diner opened in 1954.

"I worked in the restaurant all thru college, high school and college, and then went on to do other things," says Evelyn.

Seagle came back to her parent's place in 1973. 

"A lot of my customers say they enjoy it because they like to come in, it's a quiet place, where you can actually hear each other talk," she says. "And we do have good food!"

"Liver with gravy, but of course supper's different. For supper I like the angel hair shrimp pasta, it's really excellent," says patron Claudia O'Neal.

 "If you order the salmon patties, you know they're gonna be just like the salmon patties you had last week," adds Linda Pennebaker.

Or last decade.

"We've been coming here I guess about 15 years," Pennebaker says. "My husband has to eat here, just has to…And I didn't want to get a divorce so I came here."


"It may've come close, but I think secretly she really likes it as much as I do," says David Pennebaker.

"We have the same waitress, Margaret, most every day," Linda says.

Margaret Posey started work here on July 11, 1995. Over the course of 15 years, she's learned more about the regulars than just what they usually order.

"Made a lot of friends over the years. It's gonna be, uh, it's hard," says Posey.

The restaurant business is hard. So when the neighbor asked to buy the property, Seagle decided it's time for a life change.

"We're getting to the stage in our lives when we might want to kick back a little bit," says Evelyn.

Eidson's faithful understand. But this means a change for them, too.

As for where the customers say they're going to go now, David Pennebaker says with a laugh, "I don't really know, we're gonna pray about it."

"I don't know, I'll have to eat my own cookin'" jokes Claudia O'Neal.

Jokes aside, there are plenty of places to buy a meal.

"There's a few good places but this is just special for us," says Linda Pennebaker.

Isn't that what we do? We find a spot, where the veggies are just like we like 'em and then we start craving their burgers and it becomes our favorite place.

Then, eventually, in this case 56 years later, the story ends.

The customers cash out.

Goodbye really is goodbye.