RED BANK, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - Mold, mildew and trash is troubling some Red Bank apartment residents and they say they can't take it any more. 

Residents say the management will do nothing to help.  Our photographer had to wear a mask to help him breath while he shot the video. 

"I have been up against trash, the raccoons. I've got pics of raccoons and standing like pigs in front of because of garbage," says resident Dionna.

If the raccoons are like pigs, one might imagine the dumpsters are their trough.  The dumpsters at the entrance of Cambridge Park Apartments can't seem to hold enough, or contain the odor.

"The trash is terrible it piles up everywhere," Michelle Green says.

Wednesday night, firefighters were called to a fire at the apartment dumpster site.  The fire came just a few days after property owners were fined in city court for not cleaning up the mess.

"About every few months the ugly subject rears it head and we have to deal with it," Red Bank City Manager Chris Dorsey says.

Dorsey says he's trying to help residents. They've fielded dozens of calls in past six months.  The top complaints: residents occasionally have no water, some structural repairs go undone and then there's a mold problem. 

We found several apartments peppered with mold.  They were vacant apartments, but people are living upstairs. 

Lesley Caldwell lives above the moldy apartments.  She says, "If I had a kid I'd already be out of here."

Lesley Caldwell says in nine months the water here has been turned off 4 times.

"What we did last time was melt ice cubes to feed the cats, brush our teeth and wash our faces," she adds.

Red Bank officials say the property owners occasionally fail to make the water payment despite the fact it's included in rent. The city manager says they're trying to do something to help the residents.

"Unless we find some other issue we can condemn on, we can't at the moment. But we're still looking other avenues to pursue," Dorsey says.

"I just gotta keep praying all we can do is hope something comes up," Green says.

Red Bank officials say they've had problems with another property, Ridgemont Apartments, owned by the same group. We tried to reach both the manager on site, and the owners, but are still waiting on a response.  City Manager Chris Dorsey says they're waiting on word from the city attorney on how to move forward.