(Hamilton County) WRCB - Police say a ring of thieves are targeting Wal-Mart stores in the Tennessee Valley and walking away with thousands.

Investigators say the ring has hit Wal-Mart stores in Chattanooga 7 times since June.  Chattanooga Police Detective Mark Bender says Ashley Harris and her boyfriend Joshua Bailey teamed up with Justin Crowder.   He's looking for a fourth suspect who could be the same man Collegedale police are trying to track.

They say the thieves are stealing from cash registers in areas like the garden center when it's closed.

Bender says, " If you gonna be a criminal it's not a bad scheme.  Amy Morrow says, "Except that you've arrested three of them."

 Bender says "Oh yea, except they ended up with 7 indictments against them, so it didn't work out well them."

Detectives say Harris is the ring leader and has likely shared the scheme with others.  If you recognize any of the suspects, call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.