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Crime Stoppers: Thieves steal equipment from garage

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Chattanooga Police are looking for the guys who ransacked a garage at Lockwood Auto Center.  What makes it troubling is among the items they stole was a handgun!

They also swiped thousands of dollars worth of equipment from the garage and to top if off, most of the tools the employees need to do their jobs.

Rhonda Hankins says she's seen some petty thieves hit the family business, but says this one hits an all time low. "Start first thing in the morning and it's not there to do it with, here you've got everything gone we use everyday."

Lockwood Auto Center sells auto parts, they salvage and even do mechanic work.   They need tools to get it done.  Hankins says the thieves left little behind.

Hankins says it likely took two men to carry the air compressor out of the garage.  Lump that in with the other tools and a pistol and Hankins says they're out $3 - $5,000.

"It hurts my boys. They have families. They don't have stuff to work with. everyone here works hard, for somebody just to come and take it," Hankins says.

Hankins says owner Ken Lockwood wants his equipment bad enough he's offering his own thousand dollar reward for the return or even information leading to arrests. 

If you know anything about that night, call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.  The tip is always confidential.

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