CLEVELAND, BRADLEY COUNTY (WRCB) - Wednesday, Bradley County's largest employer announced it's investing millions of dollars for a state-of-the-art facility in Cleveland.  Whirlpool will expand its Cleveland facility creating hundreds of jobs. 

David Farris has worked on the line for 35 years. He started with Magic Chef, Maytag and now Whirlpool. He was anxious to hear what this big announcement would be. Thinking there might be job loss, instead of job creation.

Farris says, "We were pretty nervous about it at first. It's good news to us knowing we're going to get to stay here. You get 800, 900 people thinking they might lose their jobs to another country. It could be devastating for this area."

Whirlpool Corporation plans to build a one-million square foot facility adding 130 jobs to the already 1500 in Bradley County.

Farris says the current facility can get very hot especially through these summer months but the new facility will have new features.

"It has reached up to a 100 degrees and it makes it really hard on people to function and do their job right. Having an air conditioned building will be better for a lot of people."

Along with having A.C. this new building will be green.

Dicky Walters says, "We are going for LEED certification which basically is an energy efficient plant."

Cleveland Whirpool Plant Leader, Dicky Walters says currently the Whirlpool workers are spread out in three facilities.

"We're scattered over one block, a city block. To have everybody in one location will be much more efficient and much more beneficial.>

Bradley County Mayor, Gary Davis says they've worked hard to try to expand in this economy.

"As we work to recruit industry we also put a lot of work into retaining our existing industry and our industrial base."

If you'd like to apply for a salary job at Whirlpool log onto:

For an hourly job, stop by the Cleveland Whirpool Plant for an application.