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East Ridge family moving out of Superior Creek Lodge

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Story by Antwan Harris

Eyewitness News Reporter

EAST RIDGE, TN (WRCB) -- Robin Brown says she will no longer be concerned for her family's safety at the Superior Creek Lodge because Thursday she moved out.

The move was voluntary, but after recent incidents, including a weekend shooting, she and her daughter say they almost felt forced to move elsewhere.

"There is other little stuff that goes on around here, but when they had the shooting, that was it. I'm out of here," says Brown.

"That could have been anyone of us and when it happened, it scared us to death," says McNeese.

Management recently passed out a survey asking for ways to improve the living conditions.

They even told residents not to call police, unless it's an emergency.

Brown moved there with her family a few months ago.

She's heard of the ills that have surrounded Superior Creek, but says she was willing to take a chance because the price was right.

"It is the only thing we could afford at the time and it was just something quick," says Brown.

McNeese, says for many of her friends it's the only place they can call home.

"I have a lot of friends that rely on this place and if they would clean it up then it would be a better place," says McNeese.

Brown says she wanted to see more visible security at the lodge and would have given it a second chance if it happened.

"If anybody can just come in here and do whatever they want to, this isn't a good place to live," says Brown.

The City of East Ridge has its eyes set on shuttering the extended stay, due to the numerous complaints over the years.

As for Brown and her family, the journey to a safer life, could be a very long road ahead.

"Where do I go next? As far away as possible," says Brown.

The city has filed an abatement to close the lodge and plans to help the families if they are forced to move out.

A hearing is set for September 13th.

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