CLEVELAND, BRADLEY COUNTY (WRCB) - It's a strange situation in a Cleveland elementary school. The gym floor is buckling and administrators don't know why.

Mayfield Elementary just opened a couple of years ago. This summer, the principal went into the school to get ready for the upcoming school year when she noticed something very unusual inside the school's gym.

Right now no one could play a game of hoops on the gym floor. Kids at Mayfield Elementary School have to play on the playground until school administrators can figure out what is causing the floor to buckle.

"The experts think there is moisture somewhere. Whether it is underneath or whether it is in the air, they really can't determine and it's one of those things that several groups have looked at it and said we are just not sure what is going on," explains Principal Dee Dee Finison.

School officials say all the damage was done within a week.

First the floor started cupping, then they began to see ridges in the floor and the boards split apart.

"It could be a one time incident," says Chuck Rockholt from Cleveland City Schools. "There could be a drain stopped up somewhere."

Right now, students at Mayfield Elementary can only use the corners of the gym, spending much of their time getting exercise outside on the playground.

"We want to get it back to where the classes can use the gym so that the games can be played on it," says Rockholt.

And with winter only a few months away, school officials just hope they find out where the moisture is coming from soon.

"Hopefully we have it fixed by then and we'll be able to use the gym," adds Principal Finison.

Many people are working on fixing the problem. There is no word yet on exactly when it will be completed.