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Crime Stoppers: Family pleads for help solving year-old murder

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - This week's Crime Stoppers report features a year-old murder.  Police are trying to find out who gunned down a 24-year-old on his birthday.  

Melissa Owens was sitting on her front porch the night her brother Latroy Teague was gunned down.  Owens says she watched a white car creep by the house then open fire.

"For a second you see something don't believe it, I though it was firecrackers until I started looking at it," Owens says.

Owens ran down the street. She found her 24-year-old brother.  Teague had been shot in the head.

"He was still alive, and started breathing he told my sister he was like, I love ya'll and she said we love you stay with us," Owens says.

But Owens says Teague's hand fell from hers as paramedics arrived.

He was gone.

Robert Ford says his younger brother was almost like a son to him.  He says Teague overcame challenges in life.  He was physically and mentally handicapped.

"He wasn't but 22 ounces when he was born. He really fought the odds to be here," Ford says.

Chattanooga homicide detective Adam Emery isn't letting it go either.  It's his only unsolved homicide. Emery says Teague is a true victim here.

"This is nothing this young man deserved at all more than likely he was not a target," says Det. Emry.

"They know us, he was a good dude and somebody needs to come forward to tell us something," Ford says.

Family members say they need answers to help them find closure.  They say the nagging pain won't go away until they have answers and they say they won't give up until they get them.

If you saw anything on August 23, 2009 or have heard anything since then, please call Crime Stoppers.  Police say they're looking for two shooters and eyewitnesses say they were driving a white or light colored sedan.  The confidential call could earn you a cash reward up to 1000 dollars.  No one will ever know you called.


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