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83 year old woman needs help rebuilding home

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - It's been months since Azilee watched every thing she ever knew go up in flames. But not a day goes by, that her friends and family don't spend trying to rebuild her home. They've come a long way, but need help to go any further.

Azilee's life long friend Homer Davis says, "No we not about to quit but, time is winding down, and fall is rolling in soon."

Not only is time winding down, but funds have too. Azilee has spent 5 months without a home, bouncing from neighbor to neighbor, sometimes staying in a shack, and showering with a make shift shower connected to a garden hose.

"We still trying. We just need a little more help," said Azilee.

Wednesday, a foundation stands where Azilee and many others used to call home.

If you were down and out, or just needed a roof her door was always open, but now the tables have turned. Azilee now needs the roof, and Homer says they need your help.

"She reaches people, she tries to help. Now we're trying to help," said Homer.

Family and friends say help can come in many ways, but if you stop by 1507 Wheeler Ave. and meet Azilee, it would be hard not to care.

"She would take in a stranger, she always has been like that, ever since 30 years ago," said Sharon Henderson.

"She's a caring loving, a church going woman," added Homer.

A warm-hearted woman in need of a warm home before fall.  In the meantime, Azilee's spirits remain high, simply because she has her garden.

"I'll be happier if I get my home fixed, but if I don't I'll still have a garden and a yard," said Azilee.

If you or anyone you know would like to help Azilee rebuild her life and home. They've set up a trust fund at The Bank of America, just ask for the Azilee Goodwin trust.


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