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Fraud, Forgery, Food and Family

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Daisy Johnson. Daisy Johnson.

COLLEGEDALE, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - A Collegedale police officer was a bit more forgiving than the economy.

Chief Brian Hickman was alerted by McKee Credit Union that Daisy Johnson was cashing social security checks for her mother, except Johnson's mother died last year.

Once questioned by police, Johnson admitted to the crime, but said she did it for a good reason.

"This family was in a lot of need. No one was working and they had a child to feed," said Chief Hickman.

Since March 2009, Johnson cashed more than $14,000 dollars worth of checks.

Police say tracking the money trail was the easy part of the investigation.

The tough part was what the officer discovered at the home.

"The officer saw they were eating a very minimal amount of food, just a slice of bread," Hickman said.

The officer then checked the fridge. That's when she saw the real story.

"They looked inside the refrigerator and saw there was basically nothing," Hickman said.

The officer decided to use her personal money to buy the family groceries hoping it would last them a few weeks.

"We have to do our job, but it doesn't mean we can show compassion to those who need it," Hickman said.

Johnson faces check fraud and check forgery charges.

She is due in court October 16th.

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