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Mother, Daughter reunited after 53 years

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Fifty-three-years ago Doris Livingston was put up for adoption in Germany. For the first time, Wednesday night, she will meet her biological mother.

Seventy-three-year-old Helga is about to walk off an airplane and for the first time meet her little girl.

They are calling this reunion an act of God, because for years both women have been trying to find each other.

"I am very happy, I am finally happy to know I will finally know where I came from,"  53-year-old Doris Livingston always wanted to find her birth mother. 

Adopted by an American couple in Germany at 7-months-old, she always wondered about her family, her biological mother and father. "And to be able to meet my birth mother is just, she gave me life."

Thanks to two missionaries from Chattanooga, Doris will get to have that reunion.

Mickey and Cookie Johnson met Doris by chance at a church the couple was visiting.

They got Doris' information about her parents and began their journey to Germany.

Many people hit roadblocks throughout the years trying to find Doris' mother, but not this couple. They say it is an act of God.

"I thought they were going to tell me she died and Cookie said, ‘we just got finished talking to your mother and she is alive.' And I did nothing but cried throughout the conversation," says Doris.

The Johnsons said Doris' mother Helga has searched for her for years and had only one picture of her baby.

"She got the one picture she had and that was it," Doris explains.

Doris' mother Helga was given a plane ticket by the missionary's daughter, allowing the two long lost souls to finally meet, and discuss memories from the past.

"I am going to tell her I love her. I have been fortunate enough to have two mothers in my life and I am going to take every opportunity on that," Doris says.

Doris believes her biological grandmother had something to do with the adoption.

Helga has also been trying to find Doris all these years.

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