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Agents Remove Remnants Of Meth Lab From Mobile Home Park

(Chattanooga) WRCB- Late Tuesday an inspector found the remnants of a meth lab under a mobile home off Dayton Boulevard.

Neighbors say they can't believe they found it so close to where people live and where children play.

Don Evans lives just a few doors down from the vacant mobile home where the reported lab had been discarded. He says, "I went by and seen a box I hadn't seen before and I know it's garbage day."

But what one man found was anything but garbage.  Someone inspecting a vacant mobile home found a surprise in the crawlspace.  On the outside a cooler, inside, components of a methamphetamine lab.

Laurie Boyle says, " Understand putting it under a trailer that's like putting a match too close to gasoline and waiting for a bomb to go off."

Evans added, "If the wrong person would've found that, who knows."

Chattanooga narcotics agents call this a "trash lab".   Investigators say it was once used to make methamphetamine,  but was ditched here.

Evans says, "It's really close it kinda puts me on alert."

Rightfully so, just because it's a so called trash lab, agents say that doesn't mean it can't be volatile and dangerous.

Boyle says, "Whoever did this is careless and should know better, especially if they have kids."

That's why Boyle is so concerned.  Her granddaughters run and play here in the park like so many other children who live there.  Hiding right under her nose was what drug agents call the remnants of a red phosphorus meth lab.

Boyle adds,"It's hard to comprehend you know something that close, as far as I know our little community was doing pretty good you know."

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